Established in 1982, SCS is now the largest and most stable painting contractor in the State of Florida. 

We are licensed, fully insured, bondable, and we responsibly adhere to all safety and environmental codes for your protection. Based on our stability and size, Service Contracting Solutions is in the best position to offer you long-term warranties and service for years to come. 

SERVICE honors our ideals and the company's history. We believe great relationships with customers are earned based on high quality service. 

CONTRACTING emphasizes that we are not solely focused on painting. We perform a wide variety of services; our name will allow us the opportunity to expand into new industries as we continue to grow. 

SOLUTIONS indicates that our core strength, beyond the specific services we provide, is, always has been, and will continue to be, helping customer solve problems. 

Why SCS? 

  • Stability - this is a valued factor when considering a new career; With over 41 years of success in the painting & waterproofing industry, we are proud to offer that same sense of stability when it comes to your future with us.
  • Diversification - At SCS, we take pride in the fact that we do not limit ourself to one specific market, allowing us the ability to work through a challenging time in one market while showing strength in another - creating a continuous and steady workflow. 
  • Opportunity - This is always on the horizon; SCS seeks quality people with a positive outlook that exemplifies our core values. We look within for those who show a desire for growth and leadership, and offer training to any employee wanting to grow with us. 
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